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Here at EyeSight Hawaii, you can now place orders and reorders to purchase contact lenses as well as other doctor recommended products at your convenience online. We are always happy to serve you here in our office, though understand the convenience of being able to order at home day or night. Orders are conveniently shipped to your front door or destination of choice. If you would like to get started please follow the three easy steps!

Instructions On How To Get Started

  1. LOGIN – You can start here or from the registration e-mail you received prior to your contact lenses appointment. Once the site has loaded, click ‘Sign In’ at the top right hand corner. Use your login information that we provided to you. If you did not receive login information or a registration e-mail, click ‘Register’ at the top right hand corner. (Note, you can now click in the upper right hand corner MY ACCOUNT if you wish to change your password.)
  2. GO TO MY PRESCRIPTIONS – Click on ‘My Prescriptions’ in the upper right hand corner. Click ‘Add to Cart’ next to the prescription you wish to order. (If there are no prescriptions preloaded for you, you can use the search icon and type in a keyword of the product you wish to order.)
  3. CHECK OUT – Choose the quantity you wish to order and at the bottom of the page select ‘Check Out’ After reviewing each of the sections (billing, shipping etc.) Press Continue, and click ‘Confirm Order’ once all the information is correct and payment has been entered.

NoteIf you have vision insurance, you should contact us directly to see if we can apply your benefits prior to you placing your order. If we have already preloaded your benefits you will be notified during check out, select use and apply to utilize the amount stated.