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Optical Department

EyeSight Hawaii’s Optical Department features the newest technology in frames, equipment and accessories. Our optician, Jaime Kolahi, is skilled and trained in fitting to maximize the potential for visual acuity. We provide prescription and non-prescription sunwear, safety eyewear, computer and occupational visual needs.


Ensures that prescriptions are used correctly to find the eyewear that will serve them well, providing each individual the best possible vision.

Frames, fashion and comfort

Advising on fit, fashion and comfort that’s most appropriate after taking into account each individual patient’s visual and lifestyle needs.


Carefully assists with the selection of appropriate lenses. Then, processes and overseas the lens orders submitted to the optical lab.

Customer Service

Our focus is on creating the highest quality experience for each patient, delivering a high level of customer service in all of their optical needs.

Optician, Jaime Kolahi

  • ABO and NCLE Board Certified
  • Over 20 years experience as a licensed optician
  • Skills in adapting to business trends and client needs
  • Rider University – one year majoring in Business Management
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of eyeglass repairs and adjustments and trouble shooting eyeglass issues